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Make the acquaintance of young women - getting to know young ladies

Many older or mature men would like to get to know young ladies. The question is how to do so without coming across awkward ? Already the setting of making the first contact can be a problem . On the street ? Or maybe better choose a place where people often flirt like a cafe, a club or a bar / pub ? It is certainly not a good idea to assault a young woman with a stupid pick-up line, as this is rather annoying and rejection is preprogrammed. In a place where many flirts take place and people go on the pull it is only about the two people involved.

When there is a bigger difference in age the question if the young woman approached takes this as annoying for that reason or (even worse) laughs at the older man because of his age. The solution to this problem can be found with online dating. On the specialized contact forum Girls Meet Gentlemen only young women interested in mature men join up. The aforementioned problems can not occur here. Try for yourself ...

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